About The Blogger

The writer is a Development, Project Management and Reinsurance Professional.



  • Holds Bachelor of Social Work, Masters of Social from premium Universities in India.
  • Former Research Scholar at MS University of Baroda.
  • Having worked in India, Middle East & Europe for insurance and reinsurance sector.
  • Travelled to nearly 30 countries in Asia, Middle east, Africa & European region.



  • 13 years in to Development sector, insurance & reinsurance.
  • Currently working at Executive Director – Reinsurance business for Africa, Middle East & Asia Region with leading reinsurance broking company in Dubai, providing reinsurance solutions to nearly 39 insurance/ reinsurance companies & brokers in Africa, South Asia & Middle east.
  • Entrepreneur in IT, Hospitality and Reinsurance Industry.



  • A writer for NGOs, IT Companies.
  • Have been writing on social issues, political empowerment, United Nation and it’s concerns, war and peace for nearly two decades.
  • Have been columnist with XPRIMM Magazine covering “Welfare Insurance” in CIS counties that has 16000 subscribers in 96 countries.



  • Has been teaching in Social work and Social science schools & universities at various universities.
  • Has been speaking on Welfare Insurance, Micro Insurance, War & Terrorism, Social issues at various conferences across places.



  • Have spoken to 9 universities in India, Cambodia, Burma.
  • Have spoken for insurance, reinsurance, academic, research & social work conferences in Europe, South Asia & India.


For Speaking opportunities, writing and events please book your request at




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